Workshops & Events

Hang out with me and other artists!

While shooting one-on-one is often a satisfying, focused photographic experience, shooting with others can enhance your skills and expand your network of other like-minded artists. Plus, it can be fun! What is better than taking time from your day-to-day to create with others in epic or historical locations? Why not give it a try?

Venuses de la Tierra: Wilderness Art Nude Photo Tours

Eastern Sierra (2021-2022)
Eastern Sierra, Death Valley, Central Coast, Cuba (2023)

May 12-18, 2022 (SOLD OUT)
July 7-11, 2022 (SOLD OUT)
July 14-18, 2022 (SOLD OUT)
September 22-26, 2022 (SOLD OUT)

Partake in this wilderness immersive, community-oriented art nude photography tour in various well-preserved and otherworldly locations with the top-notch, whimsical guidance of Venus de Sierra and deliberate curation and coordination of Vivian Cove!

Femme Nue: Luxury Fine Art Photo Retreats


Sienna Hayes and Vivian Cove scout high-end, sumptuous, international locations that offer a plethora of ornate spaces and jaw-dropping grounds to shoot. Each location also has plenty of amenities and local activities to make a photographer’s creative experience also a relaxing vacation. Each retreat provides a playground where world-class models and top-notch fine art photographers with refined skills and creative range get to generate timeless art of the highest quality. Femme Nue is invite-only at this time.


Southern Oregon

May 12-18, 2022 (SOLD OUT)

Join me, Floofie, and Keira Grant for an adventure along the Southern Oregon coast! Organized by the Oregon natives model Floofie and photographer Jordan Hamlin.

Promoting Passion Convention

Tuscon, AZ

May 23-27, 2022

Conceptual artist and motivational speaker/educator Brooke Shaden brings together individuals who want to, can, and will make a difference with their passion. If you are an artist looking to expand your craft, someone seeking greater perspective, skills, or personal fulfillment, or if you are someone who wants more community…this event was created for you. There will be a series of hands-on workshops, lectures, creative free time, and panel discussions.

Weston Photography Workshop

Wildcat Hill & Big Sur, CA

September 8-11, 2022 (SOLD OUT)

Soak up the legacy of Edward Weston in the ‘living museum’ of Wildcat Hill, receive one-of-a-kind instruction from grandson Kim Weston, and enjoy a creative and community-oriented familial experience! This workshop includes a private location in Big Sur with Vivian Cove, Sienna Benton, and Anoush Anou.