Workshops & Events

I organize things, too!

While shooting one-on-one is often a satisfying, focused photographic experience, shooting with others can enhance your skills and expand your network of other like-minded artists. Plus, it can be fun! What is better than taking time from your day-to-day to create with others in epic or historical locations?

Consider giving one of my co-offerings a try…

Venuses de la Tierra: Wilderness Art Nude Photo Tours

2023 Locations: Eastern Sierra, Death Valley, Central Coast, Cuba

Venuses of the Valley: April 20-24
Venuses of the Sierra: May 11-15
Venuses of the Sierra: May 18-22
Venuses of the Sierra: July 20-24
Venuses of the Coast: September 21-25
Venuses of the Caribbean: TBD Fall 2023

Partake in this multi-day wilderness immersive, community-oriented art nude photography tour in various well-preserved and otherworldly locations with the directed, whimsical guidance of Venus de Sierra and my deliberate curation and coordination!

Femme Nue: Luxury Fine Art Photo Retreats

2023 Locations: Jamaica, Tuscany, Joshua Tree

Sienna Hayes and I scout high-end, sumptuous, international locations that offer a plethora of ornate spaces and jaw-dropping grounds to shoot. Each location also has plenty of amenities and local activities to make a photographer’s creative experience also a relaxing vacation. Each retreat provides a playground where world-class models and top-notch fine art photographers with refined skills and creative range get to generate timeless art of the highest quality. Femme Nue is invite-only at this time.