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Travel Plans

I am coming to you!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel to your part of the world to work with you. 

First of all, where am I based?

I am based in San Jose, CA. I am 35 miles away from Santa Cruz where I have access to a plethora of beautiful outdoor locations along the coast, and 40-70 miles to various cities in the greater Bay Area.

My Travel Plans 2022

January 25 – 26: Austin
January 26 – 29: Dallas
January 30 – February 1: Houston
February 18 – 21: Los Angeles
March 23 – 27: NYC
March 28 – 31: Philly
April 1 – 5: DMV
April 6 – 7: NYC
May 1 – 5: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in France
May 6 & 7: Paris
May 23 – 27: Brooke Shaden’s Promoting Passion, Tuscon, AZ
May 28 – 30: Tuscon & Phoenix, AZ
July 7 – 11: Venuses of the Sierra Photo Tour with Venus de Sierra
July 14 – 18: Venuses of the Sierra Photo Tour with Venus de Sierra
August 18 – 21: ExplOregon
August 23 – 25: Portland, OR
August 26 – 28: Seattle, WA
September 8 – 11: Weston Workshop in Big Sur
September 22 – 26: Venuses of the Sierra Photo Tour with Venus de Sierra
October 17 – 21: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Mexico
October 24 – 28: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Mexico

If you are based in any of these locations, let’s connect!

COVID-19 Travel Updates

I am vaccinated and boosted.

Local shoots
I am currently scheduling shoots so long as we create agreements that feel aligned with both of our comfort levels. I would love to hear whatever concerns or stipulations you may have and figure out what is most conducive to a fun and safe photoshoot!

Out-of-State shoots
I can certainly understand your tentativeness around shooting with me if I have been traveling. Here are my rigid safety precautions and measures around traveling:
    1) My tours are spaced out so that I have time in between to track my health and any potential concerns.
    2) I always rent a vehicle except for when I am touring NYC.

What about Remote Shoots?

I am glad you asked! Check out my Remote Shoot page to get more information about how they work and how I set up this type of shoot.

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