Travel Plans

I am coming to you!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel to your part of the world to work with you. 

My TravEl plans 2021

First of all, where am I based?

I am based in San Jose, which means I am in Silicon Valley, and am close to Santa Cruz, where I have access to a plethora of beautiful outdoor locations, and the greater Bay Area.

My TravEl plans 2021

East coast, here I come!

February 12 – 14: Sacramento, CA
February 17 – 20: Phoenix, AZ
February 25 – March 1: Orlando & Tampa, FL
March 23 – 25: San Diego, CA
March 26 – 28: Los Angeles, CA
April 8 – 11: Portland, OR
April 13 – 16 Seattle & Olympia, WA
May 17 – 20: UTadventure Tour
May 21 & 22: Salt Lake City, UT
May 23 – 28: UTadventure Tour
June 9 – 11: Mark Comon Workshop with Kim Weston in Carmel, CA
June 21 & June 22: Salt Lake City, UT
June 23 – 28: UTadventure Tour
July 20 – 22: Portland, OR
July 23 – 25: Seattle, WA
August 10 – 14: NYC
August 15 – 16: Philadelphia
August 17 – 19: DC / DMV
August 20: Connecticut
August 21 – 23: Boston
August 25 – 31: UTadventure Tour
September 8 – 13: UTadventure Tour
September 14 – 18: Salt Lake City, UT
October 1 – 4: Eastern Sierras Tour with Venus de Sierra
October 7 – 10: Weston Workshop in Carmel & Big Sur, CA
October 18 – 27: North Carolina & Georgia
November 12 & 13: Sacramento, CA
December TBD: Portland, OR

My TravEl plans 2022

January 13 – 23: Austin, Houston, Dallas
March 23 – April 6: NYC, Philly, DMV
May 5 – 17: Paris, Berlin
May 23 – 27: Brooke Shaden’s Promoting Passion, Tuscon, AZ
May 28 & 29: Phoenix,  AZ
June TBD: Eastern Sierras Tour with Venus de Sierra
July TBD: Eastern Sierras Tour with Venus de Sierra
August TBD: Portland, OR & Seattle, WA
September TBD: Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah
October TBD: Death Valley

If you are based in any of these locations, let’s connect!

My TravEl plans 2021

COVID-19 Travel Updates

Local shoots
I am currently scheduling shoots in Santa Cruz / Monterey / Bay Area so long as we create agreements that feel aligned with both of our situations. I am available for outdoor settings and will also consider very spacious studio spaces. I would love to hear whatever concerns or stipulations you may have and figure out what is most conducive to a fun and safe photoshoot!

Out of State shoots
I will not be traveling out of state until mid-February. I can certainly understand your tentativeness around shooting with me if I have been traveling. Here are my rigid safety precautions and measures around traveling:
      1) My tours are spaced out so that I have time in between to track my health and any potential concerns.
      2a) When I travel on plane I do the following: A. Wear a mask at all times. B. Wear a face shield at all times. C. Carry Lysol wipes to disinfect seats and surfaces. D. Apply hand sanitizer immediately after any physical contact with any objects or seating. E. Wash my hands for 20 seconds as soon as I have access to a bathroom. F. Wear socks when I go through security to protect myself from floor contact. G. Wash my clothes (or seal in garbage bag until I have access to laundry) and body upon entering my lodging.
    2b) I have similar standards around staying in Airbnb’s
    3) I rent a vehicle as often as possible to avoid public transportation.

My TravEl plans 2021

What about Remote Shoots?

I am glad you asked! Check out my Remote Shoot page to get more information about how they work and how I set up this type of shoot.