Femme Nue: Luxury Fine Art Photo Retreats

Femme Nue – (french) Nude Woman

A creative vacation you can look forward to every year

Femme Nue: Luxury Fine Art Photo Retreats is intended for photographers who are eager to travel internationally, be among like-minded artists, and generate classical, timeless art.

Femme Nue takes pride in simultaneously fostering community and connection as well as giving photographers the unique opportunity to work with models one-on-one. Our structure is such that photographers get to work with each model separately, decide how many hours to shoot a day, and connect with one another to share work or artistic interests. We want you to join us if you thrive in community, are adept and passionate about art nude photography, and are seeking a vacation with a robust artistic component.

We scout locations all around the world with ornate interior decor that is intended to rock your world. Our locations serve as our shooting playground as well as our place of residence for the duration of the retreat. Because these retreats are international, we take the opportunity to hire models of the highest level from all around the world.

With each retreat being such an investment, we prioritize cultivating harmony with our “playing well with others mentality.” That said, this event is invite-only. Each invitation will include a pamphlet that describes each retreat that we organize in-depth.

Your Organizers

Sienna Hayes

Location Scout & Finance Manager

Vivian Cove

Marketing & Communications

Creativity and Connection

Getting to our Location
We gather at a meeting spot in the major city where we fly into the first day of the retreat. From there, we take private vehicles or a shuttle to our destination. We get dropped off at the meeting spot on the last day. We always have Meet-and-Greet and Goodbye lunches or mixers.

Meals: Building the Bond
We typically have private catering and therefore schedule allotted meal times where we all take a break from artistic creation.

We value this time spent together to share laughs, reflect on the day, and enjoy the location’s unique culinary delicacies.

Our Model Booking Structure

Photographers book private shoots with each model.

This gives you the unique opportunity to work with models independently and still enjoy the perks of participating in a group event.

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