Booking Info

First of all, welcome!

Thank you so much for your interest in booking me! I imagine we will have a lot of fun with one another. Please take a look at my Model Service and Safety guide to get more acquainted with my needs and expectations. 

Working with me

I model for art nudes, portraits, intimate lifestyle, editorial, and limited fetish fashion. 

You can expect me to communicate up until the shoot, show up, and be ready to work. I am always open to collaboration or concrete direction (or both!)


My hair is curly, lush, and bouncy! And yes, the curls are natural. I have been lightening my hair since April 2021 and have since become a golden blond (because it IS more fun). My hair is practically its own limb. I can either wear it down or put it up in a messy bun. Anything more elaborate would require advance notice so I can properly prepare it.

I also own wigs (because other colors are fun, too!). I have a blue bob, pink waves, silver purple short and straight, black punk, and my personal favorite, bleached blonde.


I am fairly minimalist when it comes to packing. You can always count on me to bring a little bit of wardrobe, which includes flowy dresses, skirts, or sheer fabrics; unless otherwise agreed upon. 

I also own a few wide-brim hats, long coats, period attire, lingerie, and jewelry.

I am able to bring other specific articles of clothing upon request. 

I have no tattoos or piercings aside from my ears. I had a nose piercing in my early days but removed it in mid-2020.


I have been getting more into makeup lately! I have a couple of different palettes (“honey”, “heat”, & “ultraviolet”). Generally, I arrive at a shoot with a natural look which includes a bit of eye makeup to bring out my eyes.


I sometimes paint my nails! Let me know if you’d like a specific color.

Rates and Fees

My local rates are:

  • $250 2 hours
  • $350 3 hours
  • $400 half-day
  • $700 full day
  • One additional photographer: flat fee of $50
  • Group shoots/workshops/sessions involving 3+ photographers will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, at the rate of $150/hr, with a minimum of $300 per shoot.
  • Where is “local”? My home base is San Jose. Local locations include Silicon Valley (My home in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, etc), Santa Cruz (I know a lot of outdoor locations), Bay Area (San Francisco, etc), Peninsula, North Bay (Marin, etc), East Bay (Oakland, Walnut Creek, etc), and Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur.

My travel rates are:

  • $300 2 hours
  • $400 3 hours
  • $450 half-day
  • $750 full day
  • + $20 for gas
  • One additional photographer: flat fee of $50
  • Group shoots/workshops/sessions involving 3+ photographers will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, at the rate of $150/hr, with a minimum of $350 per shoot.

*This covers anything from fully clothed portraits to full art nudity.

Please note that my rate is applied to the entire time spent on set.

Wardrobe changes, lighting changes, location changes, waiting for late team members to arrive, etc, will still count as paid time on set.

When I am traveling I mostly do not have any additional time.

I do very limited multi-day shoots.


I accept cash, Zelle, or Venmo. I no longer accept PayPal. If you do not have any of these readily accessible, please inform me prior to our shoot so we can agree on a proper transaction.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that this is my full-time job and sole source of income. While traveling there are lots of non-refundable overhead expenses including flights, lodging, car rentals, etc.

If you cancel within 14 days, I require 50% of the agreed-upon fee. Within 72 hours, I require 100%. 

For local bookings: 
All cancellations within 48 hours will owe 100% of the fee. The cancellation fee can be applied to a future shoot if you wish to reschedule for a date within 8 weeks of the original booking.

Release and Photos

I am happy to sign a model release and provide a photo of my ID upon request.

Since you are paying me for my time on set, you are not required to send me any photos. That being said, I would love to receive any photos that you would like to share from our shoot.

My Safety

I know many of you live by the expression “When the model is happy, everybody is happy!” Here are some agreements I expect you to meet to help ensure my safety and happiness. 

Please do not touch me while shooting without my consent.

If a wardrobe, hair, or pose adjustment is needed, please communicate that verbally and ask if you can make the adjustment.

Please do not make sexual compliments/comments about my poses, for example, “That’s sexy”, “That’s hot”, etc.


I am sensitive to the cold and may decline offers to shoot outdoors in weather under 55 degrees or 65 degrees if it is windy. If you’re booking a shoot on the coast in the summer (yes, it’s windy as heck) or in the winter, please consider an indoor location.

That said, my comfortable temperature indoors is around 70 degrees. I much appreciate the heat cranked up, specifically at the beginning of our shoot!

Otherwise, I love shooting nudes outdoors in comfortable weather 🙂

What I do not shoot 

I am not doing body paint, pin-up glamour, or shibari at this time.

Want to shoot me with another model? Please ask in advance!

All the extra stuff!


I love playsets on set! My go-to’s are classic/psychedelic rock (not what radio stations play, but perhaps your favorite albums), house music, classical, ambient/trance, jazz, hip-hop, or anything dark and moody. I am a bit of a music snob, but I am open!

I am not a fan of top 40 or electronic/EDM.


Bonus points if there are snacks on set. I am a grazer by nature and get relatively hungry when I’m burning energy, especially if I’m traveling.

I do not have any specific dietary restrictions aside from heavy cream. I like finger food such as nuts, raw vegetables, and chips and dip. 

Made it this far?

Yay! Book a shoot with me and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Contact me now at