What do I do?

  • Artistic nudes
  • Body-scapes
  • Dance and acrobatics
  • Greek or Roman statue-esque
  • Evocative Portraits
  • Lingerie and Boudoir
  • Editorial nudes
  • Conceptual

My Story & Vision

Hi, I am Vivian. I come from the world of zany circus arts where I experienced creative experience, discipline, and community for the first time. After becoming disillusioned by the circus arts culture as an adolescent, I became lost; wandering aimlessly and crawling into the dark. I became distrustful of community spaces where art–performing or otherwise–is at the forefront. From that point on, I committed to not only finding an art form that values quality artistry and illustrates promise as a career but prioritizes community as well.

Fast forward 14 years of dabbling in various other art forms where I experienced both joy and isolation, I found my calling and career: fine art modeling.

I found a voice. I found an embodiment practice that allows me to shapeshift and transmute emotions.

Most importantly, I found connectedness. Community. A safe space to grow into the moody and quirky human and artist that I want to be. A safe space to traverse in the dark and the light.

I found a community of photographers and artists who come from completely different backgrounds yet universally have the same vision: the love of figure and form and the timelessness of fine art imagery, as well as the desire to grow into the artists they want to be.

When working together, I notice that art photographers experience connectedness and artistic satisfaction. They have the opportunity to turn their ideas into actual tangible pieces of art. I get to be part of that joyful, collaborative process.

I believe that we all want to find connection, artistic expression, creative expansion, and safe collaborative spaces. Sometimes the end result of the artistic journey is rendered into a series of images that last forever.

I look forward to manifesting your vision, making your idea come alive, and offering an unforgettable artistic experience.

What am I doing now?

Though my years as a circus arts practitioner are long gone, my passion for art modeling is continuously emerging and burgeoning. My acrobatics background informs my dynamic posing. My love for art and nature fuels my creative desire to merge with natural landscapes and produce evocative portraits. I am most drawn to the collaborative process and creative flow when working with others.

Art-repenuer I am currently running two photo event business ventures: Femme Nue: private, luxury, fine art nude photographic retreats at high-end and captivating international locations with Sienna Hayes; and Venuses de la Tierra: rugged community-oriented, art immersive, wilderness tours at various and diverse destinations around the world with Venus de Sierra.

Who have I worked with? I have worked with and have ongoing collaborations with critically acclaimed and award-winning artists including the Weston family, Brooke Shaden, Mario Chiodo, Dan Hecho, Gary Breckheimer, Spencer Tunick, Daniel Maidman, Martin Campos, Thomas Dodd, and Tracy Fein.

Non-Profit Experience I am also involved in the non-profit arts world. I serve as a board member at one of my favorite movement arts facilities in Santa Cruz, The 418 Project. This fulfills my strong desire for community building and drives me to create accessible spaces in the movement arts realm. When not modeling or working, you can find me soaring through the air with the aid of bodies and the dance floor through my Contact Improv dance practice.